Investment Evaluation Criteria

Whereby call for International partners to join us in this opportunity coming projects, we have a soft loan fund from overseers for Factories investment in Manyara Regionas-Nothern circuit , The agreed projects are 1-,Maize processing,2- Sunflowers and 3,-Pigeon beans at the moment we have soft loan to establish phase one projects which are Maize processing then will follow the next ones, therefore this project estimated cost of about 125 Million Euros and we have got this soft loan, we are now just looking a guarantee company that will partners in this hotcake project since the loan is for 20 yrs return with interest of 3% the project itself will be used as a collateral and the cost of processing the guarantee is already budgeted within this amount.
We Butman international ltd we believe in the spirit of:-

Three steps are involved in the evaluation of an investment: –

  • Estimation of Cash Flows;

  • Estimation of the required Rate of Return of investment, or capital employed;

  • Application of a decision rule for making the choice;

Any investment decision rule may be referred to as capital budgeting technique.
A sound appraisal technique should be used to measure the economic worth of an investment project.

The essential property of a sound technique is that it should maximize the shareholder’s wealth (capitalism), or achieve a targeted rate of return or in terms of financial returns (profitability / ROI) and non-financial benefits.