Specific Objective.

The Specific objective is among of the following in brief*

  • Maintain in quality construction

  • To become an active player in the tourism industry aiming to become substantial

    contributor to the economical well being of its stakeholders in particular and the country in general.

  • Investing in Tourism accommodations

  • Promote manage and maintain existing natural resources/adventure through tourism.

  • Contribution in researching those natural resources potential to the communities.

  • Promoting women’s& youth income generation through employments within the area of Intervention.

  • Create awareness on investing opportunities

  • International tourism marketing and investments

Main Targets

  • To become large investor that creates employments.

  • To contribute significantly to the economy in terms of provision of tourism services.

  • To provide sustenance and rural youths to work together in rurally instead of migrating to major towns and cities in order to increase their incomes and therefore reduce poverty.

  • To provide sustenance and employment to a large number of youth in general both female and male.