Construction  Activities:

Butman International limited provides high quality products in the construction industry with a reasonable efficiency based on clients need cope with financial constrains and time.

Our specific areas concentration includes

All fields of modern building construction including:

Concrete frame based structures,

Masonry based structures

Steel frame based structures, space structures

Timber frame based structures,

All types of interior design and decoration,

All types of building defacing including: –

–               Renovations

–               Systems rearrangement including, plumbing, electrical and air conditioning, fumigation and all chemical treatment given to structures during construction and after its initial services.

–               All types of timber fixtures

–               All types of burglary proof structures including strong rooms

All types of false wall partitions and surfacing including aluminum frames with glass

All types of roofing structures including special weather resistance materials

All types of water retaining structures.

All fields of modern civil works including: –

All gravel roads construction rehabilitation, or maintenance

All types of tarmac roads patching and repairers

All types of drainage systems

All types of parking, and landscaping