Board of Directors team
Butman International Ltd is being managed under the Board of Directors as the policy making body. The major day to day projects operation of the company is under the control and direction of the managing Director, and assisted by the Directors team, which comprise people in projects profession and academic who together decides on the policy issues of short term nature, which have a bearing on the company’s performances.

The Organization’s management principles
The principle of the management which form its main out functions are planning, organizing staffing and implementing. The companies apply “TOTAL QUALITY MANAGEMENT APPROACH” which means “continuously meeting community need” or what it takes to satisfy the societies”

The Companies’ strategic management
The companies’ strategic management here lays out the roadmap to be followed to achieve the intended objectives set out for both the construction industry as well as for the business and hospitality industry and for portfolio containing several projects differing in nature. A strategy normally answers the questions as to how objectives could be achieved successfully in short period of time and of les costs.
The natural resources and tourism bloom within a peaceful environment because both are very sensitive to wars. Tourists also look for havens of peace because travels and tours is usually a time of vacation, which must be spent peacefully and enjoyably. Tanzania is an outstanding example of peace and harmony, good governance and a consistent positive contribution, to the international community with conducive natural environments.